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Privacy Policy

We know your privacy is very important so we take care about. We developed privacy policy as below to protect your personal information:
• We developed a strong secured department who collect your personal information and identify the purpose.
• After collection of information it categorize in our directory.
• Data is kept saved and retained as long as required to the company for the customer.
• Personal information will be collected in accordance with the law and used for the sole consent of the customer.
• Personal data shared with the company should be accurate and up-to-date.
• We assure our customers to protect their personal information under strict security against loss or theft and will be accessed by authorities solely with no fear of disclosure, copying, use or modification.

Our commitment is to conduct the business according to the principles mentioned above to ensure the confidence of our customers regarding the protection of their personal information.

If you any question please contact below.

Pak Ital Corporation De Mexico R.L de C.V.
Dr.Miguel Vera 116 Col.Los Doctores , Monterrey Nuevo Leon , Mexico . C.P : 64710
Phone: (81)151130

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